Distance Together

Concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic are keeping a lot of us away from the people we love. It's important that we follow social distancing recommendations to get through this, but it doesn't mean we can't still connect in some special ways. While The Steel Wheels are home from touring, we’d like to record a personalized video or audio musical greeting for you or your loved ones. Although the touring show must go dormant, we can find all kinds of joy in weird and isolating times. 

Here's the idea:

1. A musical greeting from The Steel Wheels: The Steel Wheels will record a personalized greeting and song for you or your loved ones. It can be your favorite Steel Wheels song or a cover. We can't guarantee ALL requests, but we're up to most challenges! Audio: $250/Video: $350

2. Songwriting co-creation with Trent: Trent will spend a little time on the phone or over email with you to chat about what inspired you to want to join us for a song. Do you have a parent or a child far away that you want to reach out to? Is there a funny story that your family tells that you'd love to turn into a song? Trent and The Steel Wheels will compose a song based on this conversation and record it just for you. If you want a larger role "in the band" refer to option 3 below. Audio: $400/Video: $450

3. Bring us your idea: Some ideas don't fit in the box during these times. Whether it be a zoom birthday party with "live" music or a concept not listed above we can try and accommodate your ideas. Pricing starts at $500.  

Contact: manager@thesteelwheels.com with your project idea and let's make some music.